How to calculate What NNP

                                                      National Income

Money Indian Economy

Various methods are used to measure the yield of national income, including production methods, income patterns and cost method
The joint method of production and yield is used in the Indian economy.

1) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

 Gross Domestic Product is the total amount of income for a financial year under the borders of any country. In this they consider the income earned within the borders of the country. This is not seen by the country or the foreign person, ie, who earned income

The GD shows the internal strength of any country
The country's numerical understanding was not qualitative because of the GDP
If there is an increase in GDP every year, then it is called growth rate

Gross National Income (GNP)

The income earned by citizens from the national word is considered. For example Suppose Indians (X) working abroad will send their income to their country. Also, an alien person(M) will work in a company in India and send his income to his country. So this income is considered to be done with GNP.  so GNP = GDP + X - M
When income generated from Gross National Income is obtained with GDP, the foreign-earned income is deducted.


Due to GNP, the external power of the country was evaluated.
Organizations such as IMF will consider GNP for giving loans to the nation

 Money Indian Economy
Money Indian Economy

 Net Domestic Product (NDP):
If you deduct depreciation from the GDP, you get NDP
        NDP = GDP - Depreciation

Net National Product (NNP)

If the gross depreciates from the national income, then it gets NPP

NNP = GNP - Depreciation

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