life insurance

Life insurance is not a substitute for investment, but some people seem to be taking it out of the advice of many types of policy agents. In this case, if insurance is taken as an investment, it generally gets a yield of 5% to 6%, but

It is very good to take a "Term Plan" from the financial protection scenario you are expecting.

There is no refund for the amount to be paid in the term plan, but the amount of premium can be minimal. If you think some good things about living income of your living home loan and car loan, it is imperative that your family has a fixed term plan for the amount of time your family runs.

For example-

Suppose a 30-year-old person has life insurance of Rs. 1 crore for a life insurance policy of Rs. 20000 / - and for some reason, the income generated by this person for a year is closed after the payment is not completed, the policy may be closed or the commission will be closed or the amount of premium should be paid by the friend. Rs per month It might be difficult to get 20000 / -.

However, if this person takes the term plan of Rs.1 crore, the payment of the installment will be only 300 to 500 rupees per month. If the income is less than a few days due to some reason and for some reason, it can be possible to arrange payment of the installment amount in any manner and avoiding the disbursement of payment policy / penal action, insurance cover of insurance continues uninterrupted.

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